Staman Consultancy

Incidents and crises Staman Consultancy

Consulting and Investigation office for organizations which have to deal with

  • Scientific and technological developments and disruptive innovations
  • Incidents and crisis in their sectors which undermine Societal Trust
  • The impact and reliability of scientific reports and advice
  • Public debate about their problems and the media attention these organizations have to respond to.

Without exception, these are complex layered problems. Easy to get out of control and the damage might be great. Because parties concerned often look from different angles at the problems  It is not easy to get into a productive conversation. The assumptions are not shared. Indeed, they are often rejected. In those cases we need action to avoid the fight mode.  And for that we need trust. Trust is a prerequisite for deliberation. And in deliberation parties are consequently invited to step out of their comfort zone. This works if the parties understand what is at stake and that there is indeed a common interest to take responsibility and to limit the damage. Step by step shaping progress is the best way to get connected and to build trust.

In my career I worked in and with organizations such as ministries, inspections and with organizations in the research sector and in civil society.  Also in several boards I delivered my contributions. There are many organizations that get bogged down with some regularity in  conflicts with society about controversial practices and new technological and scientific developments.A recurrent problem is that organizations respond to societal criticism by framing the issue as a risk issue, a technocratic problem. Risk assessment confirms in general the opinion of the organization and that is the most solid way to get completely disconnected from citizens.

I provide advice to parties an act as  interlocutor and facilitator, make the many angles of problems visible and thereby communicate with parties on all levels and aspects of the issue. The societal opposition is almost invariably fed from different sources than just care about a certain risk. Exploring sources, that's where my strength is and I know how to connect parties in the conflict and create new confidence for negotiation and decision making. This all about politics and progress by conflict.


Make your own views light and endurable and get respect for the conflict.

Acitivities 2015-2016

European Commission - Chair European  foresight network for H2020
This new foresight network contributes to the EU framework for science, technology and innovation and also for its successor.

Visiting professor University of Tokyo 
Visiting professor at STIPS, the Science Technology and Innovation Policy School  of the University of Tokyo. Lectures and seminars on technology assessment, science policy studies, evidence based policy, contested science, ethics and the agenda for science policy.

Special advisor GRIPS, the National Graduate School for Policy Studies
Lectures seminars on similar issues as above. GRIPS has a new unit called Scirex which has alot of siilarities with the Rathenau Instituut. Scirex is doing frontier work on science and society, on evidence based policy and science policy. For Grips I delivered also lectures in the universities of Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka and for JST.

Agricultural organizations Canada
Seminars and lectures in Calgary and Winnipeg on contested science and technology in agriculture

Chairman Committee on Animal Experimentation of the KNAW
The Animal Experiments Committee of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Science provides advice in the legal admission procedure for animal experimentation.

Chairman  Strategic Advisory Commission of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)
The task of the NVWA is to protect human and animal health.

Project Participant East meets West - Nan Yang Technological University / Singapore.
preparing a conference in Singapore in october 2016 on Western and Asiatic views on compexlity, science and humanity.

Chairman of symposia, conferences and debates
My selling point is open exploration and deliberation embedded in humor and with a small taste of irony.